Mozilla Festival 2012 with Sassi Bob [VIDEO]

Would you look at those faces? Those are some excited faces. And they should be. Me and Sassi Bob have been invited to speak at Mozilla Festival 2012 in London, England! 

We'll be heading east early next month for the November 9th-11th shebang so we can preach the good word about video blogging. I'm sure you're dieing to hop on a plane to see that one.

Tickets are going fast. So if you're going to be around for the big event, make sure you come out and get a good laugh. In the meanwhile, there's this:

Why yes! I AM going to be knocking a couple items off my 101 list on this trip! Finally leaving the country to get my first passport stamp and visiting London! Wow! Talk about birds goin' down with a stone. This one is like a flying boulder. Cause you know, boulders. Flying. You get me.

See you across the pond, Brits. I'm comin' for ya.

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