big benI’ve finally made it to London, England for Mozilla Festival! Yay! Touching down at Heathrow airport took care of two items on my 101 list:





#22: Get my first stamp on my passport:

schmittastic first passport stamp

#31: Visit London:

My hotel for the first half of the trip is central to all things London you usually hear about. As a matter of fact, Big Ben is my next door neighbor. Check out my first day of travel the latest Schmittastic Vlog:

First things I noted about England:

  • They don’t tip their servers much
  • The lightswitch is outside of the bathroom
  • There isn’t a normal UK plug in hotel bathrooms, only the special kind for men’s razors
  • They don’t use a flat sheet on the bed. Only a fitted sheet and a comforter (or as Sam corrected me, “a duvetttttttttttt”)

More to come! Watch for tweets and photos!