From YouTube to the Big Screen? Like Woah. [VIDEO]

If you’ve been around here recently, you already know that I created a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and item #45 outlined the following:

Get the opportunity as a personality outside of YouTube with a traditional video production outlet.

Well, guess what? Sh*t’s goin’ DOWN!

To make a long story really short, in Columbus there’s a local, independently-owned movie theater called Gateway Film Center. They recently hired this crazy-ass local celebrity as their new Chief of Operations, and he’s got some pretty big ideas. One of them is to do something totally unprecedented for theaters across Ohio, and extremely scarce anywhere else in the country.

Introducing Columbusland. Instead of the usual cheesy trivia questions, advertisements, and/or terrible “radio” DJ playing music prior to the previews and feature film, Gateway has opted to toss those slides completely and come up with their own show for you to watch. (No. Ticket prices aren’t increasing. That would probably be a brilliant idea, but they often choose likable over brilliant.)

Here is the trailer for the first ever episode of Columbusland:

So there you have it. I’m a movie star. Ish. Good enough to check it off the list for sure!

If you’re in Columbus, then I encourage you to tweet me if you see the segment at your next movie and copy @GatewayFC and @Columbusland!

Oh and EVERYONE should follow them on Facebook and Twitter because if you can’t get to the theater, the full-length episodes will be released online when a new one is released.

Thanks to everyone who watched my YouTube videos and made Gateway think I’m cool. It’s working!! ;)



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LOL. "Why would I be excited about a slave movie."


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