macbook air

June knocked a couple items off my 101 Things list that I’m really excited to share about.

First, my first Macbook Air arrived in the mail this week. I have been dieing for one of these recently because I don’t want to have to lug around my main computer anymore when I need to get some work done at the coffee shop or just want to have something with me when I’m out of town for a weekend. This is seriously going to save my need for additional luggage when I’m on the go. Oh and it’s awful amazing for all the normal reasons too.

I was also able to donate my birthday to Charity Water this year which has been coming along quite nicely. The fact that I have friends who would donate to my favorite cause on my behalf is overwhelming. I also got some love from CW on Vine and that was such a cool moment too!

If you haven’t donated and would like to in honor of my birthday, you’re still able to do so until September.