Meet Amy Schmittauer.

A professional in digital relations, Amy helps businesses create a strategy to organically grow online presence and social relationships through media outreach, content creation, and editorial management. Previous clientele have included small business events, event planners, marketing agencies, video production studios, magazine publications, authors, travel professionals, restaurants, real estate professionals, technology resources, bloggers, and other content creators.

In addition to strategy consulting, Amy is a video content creator working with brands to develop interesting informational vlogs (or "video blogs") to share with their audience. Think small-scale video production: professional, but more personal. Handling everything from scripting, personality, editing, and production, working with her to develop your video content is an effective way to outsource while also create a partner for your brand.

Amy is also a contributor in public relations, social media, and entrepreneurship for many online publications aside from Savvy Sexy Social, including LifehackTechcocktailMetropreneur, and Aspire Magazine.