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Vidcon 2013

My second year for VidCon this Summer was a HUGE success. So much fun seeing old friends, meeting new people and making a TON of videos. Here’s everything published so far. (More to be added in this post as they go live on YouTube throughout various channels.)

Leaving for Vidcon:

Being a Glasshole thanks to Lamarr:


101 Update: Macbook and Charity Water

macbook air

June knocked a couple items off my 101 Things list that I’m really excited to share about.

First, my first Macbook Air arrived in the mail this week. I have been dieing for one of these recently because I don’t want to have to lug around my main computer anymore when I need to get some work done at the coffee shop or just want to have (more…)

Julius Caesar Popped My Shakespeare Cherry

You may know that one of my 101 items to do before 30 was to see a Shakespeare play. I’ve seen some fun productions before, but nothing by the Royal Shakespeare Company or any other legit productions like that.

Lucky for me, Julius Caesar came to our town at the Southern Theatre and I pounced on getting tickets. It was such a cool show. Set in contemporary Africa, the modern twist still had very authentic Shakespeare dialogue. I just loved it!

Check that one off the list!

Sexual Soccer. Another @Columbusland shoot goes awry. [VIDEO]

So likely the end of what’s already a nonexistent career for me happened at the Columbusland shoot this week. Some sexual innuendos. Followed by Wolf Starr playing drums… poorly. Then a soccer game. Columbusland vs. Frankie Hejduk.

What is my life?

You have to see the episode at Gateway Film Center when it comes out in a couple weeks (or on YouTube a few weeks after that) but here are some moments captured from the shoot to give you a preview. (more…)