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Shoot the Schmitt with Scott Kinmartin [AUDIO]

Shoot the Schmitt episode 6 is with the funny, creative, and all-around-awesome guy Scott Kinmartin! We had a great time talking all things dog loving (we love our dogs), his trek back to his roots in Buffalo, NY, the L.A. moving trend among YouTubers, and the latest drama with YouTube networks including Ray William Johnson leaving Maker Studios. It's a long interesting chat!

Tune in:

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Shoot the Schmitt with Cheryl Harrison [AUDIO]

Shoot the Schmitt episode 5 is with my homegirl, Cheryl Harrison! While talking all things social media, old school websites, and classic karaoke moments… we may have also put some hypothetical kittens in a blender. Yep. Tune in: Continue Reading →

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Shoot the Schmitt with Daily Grace [AUDIO]

Daily Grace and Schmittastic podcast

Shoot the Schmitt episode 4 with Daily Grace! We had such a fun time chattin' it up about her latest TV appearances, the power of YouTube, and our favorite of her collaborations. Tune in: Continue Reading →

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Shoot the Schmitt with Sassi Bob [AUDIO]

Shoot the Schmitt is back! And episode 3 is with my home girl, Sassi Bob! Tune in as we talk YouTube, video  making, and Schmittastic vs. Sassi Bob nostalgia. Continue Reading →

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