Helping Charity: Water for my Birthday

I’m knocking #69 off my 101 list and donating my birthday to charity: water! All the details are in the video below and my donation page. If you want to treat me for my 28th, think about a donation! Thank you so much for another amazing year of life. It’s some much better with my friends. :)

Donate for my 28th!

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Columbusland ep. 4 Trailer

This is probably the most epic of the four episdoes we’ve created for Columbusland yet. And it may also be the end of my non-existent career. Yay milestones!

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Friday Favorites

I feel the need to share my favorite things from this week with you. Deal with it.


Thanks to StephsBubble for sharing this video. I miss being in London and watching Graham Norton (because that’s only happened once but whatevs). I am a HUGE Will Smith fan and this amazing medley of Fresh Prince nostalgia brings me way too much joy.

My friend Stevie played a hilarious game with Lamarr Wilson and I had to share it. Even if it gets a little racey. You can handle it. I have faith in you.

Essenemma is one of my fave YouTubers. She is Continue Reading →

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Scott Kinmartin in Columbus! #FiestaMovement [VIDEO]

I was so excited to have my friend Scott Kinmartin visit my city during his #FiestaMovement. We ate delicious burgers at Thurman Cafe, as you will see. Amazing. And so exciting to meet Sara Parker and ONLYUSEmeBLADE. What a productive afternoon.

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Singa me a Songza

20130513-130822.jpgI absolutely need ambiance in my office while I work. Sometimes it’s podcasts. Sometimes it’s the news. But most of the time it’s music.

Spotify has been my go to application to download my favorite songs of the moment and sing along, but in the office I don’t want to be distracted by my favorite lyrics. I want to jam. Get my groove on.

So Songza has been absolutely perfect. Instead of spending all this time to get the perfect playlist together to listen while I work, I can pick my mood and genre of music and Sonza does the rest. Best music app idea ever! Here are my favorite playlists to listen to while I work:

Blissed Out Beats

Classical Sunrise

Mellow Solo Piano

Great Days in New York City Jazz

Coffee Shop Indie

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Say The Same Thing: My new favorite time waster [VIDEO]

Thank you Cheryl Harrison for tweeting about this game and turning Friday into the most unproductive day ever. Oh and for this video.

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