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101 Update: Macbook and Charity Water

macbook air

June knocked a couple items off my 101 Things list that I’m really excited to share about.

First, my first Macbook Air arrived in the mail this week. I have been dieing for one of these recently because I don’t want to have to lug around my main computer anymore when I need to get some work done at the coffee shop or just want to have (more…)

Columbusland ep. 4 Trailer

This is probably the most epic of the four episdoes we’ve created for Columbusland yet. And it may also be the end of my non-existent career. Yay milestones!

Friday Favorites

I feel the need to share my favorite things from this week with you. Deal with it.


Thanks to StephsBubble for sharing this video. I miss being in London and watching Graham Norton (because that’s only happened once but whatevs). I am a HUGE Will Smith fan and this amazing medley of Fresh Prince nostalgia brings me way too much joy.

My friend Stevie played a hilarious game with Lamarr Wilson and I had to share it. Even if it gets a little racey. You can handle it. I have faith in you.

Essenemma is one of my fave YouTubers. She is (more…)