Found a Christmas Tree! {VIDEO}

So excited when I found this Christmas tree!  I just had to vlog about it!  Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube page for more videos from me!

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No Love For Ethan {VIDEO}

Jen entertains herself during halftime of the OSU v. Iowa game.

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BEST DAY EVER for a future vlogger!!!

I was watching iJustine's How-To video for making a good video (ironic) and I realized that I have a crappy memory card in my Kodak Zi6 and that is why it has been dropping frames.  Well, I ordered the SD card she recommended and I tweeted about it: "I just figured out why my video camera drops frames… cause of my crappy SD card! Thanks @iJustine!" Well, you're not going to believe what happened next! Well knock my socks off!!  She tweeted back!  You have no idea how cool it is to be acknowledged by someone who has made a career and become famous for something you are passionate about!!  Or maybe you do!  Leave me a comment if so! Thanks, iJustine for making my day!!  I'm motivated to go vlog now.  Haha.  Later!

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The 2009 AMAs

I just wanted to give a quick rundown of my thoughts on last night's AMAs.  It's not very often that I either remember that awards show are on, or stay awake for the whole thing.

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YWCA Woman to Woman 2009 {VIDEO}

This years YWCA Woman to Woman event was a huge success!  Last year I was on the Hospitality Committee so I helped with the display and centerpieces of all the tables for our guests, but this year I was able to take a place on the Production Committee.  That was truly a great experience because I got to have a hand in developing the actual content of the show… which led to me have a part in it as well! I volunteered to sing for the program for the music being played behind the videos.  These videos show the guests what the YWCA is all about and how we are benefiting the community and helping families, while eliminating racism and empowering women.  Please visit our website to learn more or become a fan on Facebook.  I hope you enjoy my performance!  I have posted the video of the second song I performed: Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant.

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Vote For Lucy!!

LucyLucyBed Isn't my dog the cutest???  Well, if you think so you should vote for her in the Cutest Dog Competition.  To vote, please go here.  Your participation is much appreciated! LucyMe

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