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My Christmas Wish List!!

Okay so there's only 15 days till Christmas and I know you were like "What am I going to get Amy for Christmas?!"  I understand how hard it might be to shop for me, but I'm here to help.  I would like to share with you my wish list of ridiculously unnecessary things I want for Christmas.  Try to keep up! To start small, I would really enjoy a Kindle.  I didn't think.. Read More

BEST DAY EVER for a future vlogger!!!

I was watching iJustine's How-To video for making a good video (ironic) and I realized that I have a crappy memory card in my Kodak Zi6 and that is why it has been dropping frames.  Well, I ordered the SD card she recommended and I tweeted about it: "I just figured out why my video camera drops frames… cause of my crappy SD card! Thanks @iJustine!" Well, you're not going to believe what.. Read More

The 2009 AMAs

I just wanted to give a quick rundown of my thoughts on last night's AMAs.  It's not very often that I either remember that awards show are on, or stay awake for the whole thing.